Fall Prevention and Home Safety



•Replace dim lights
•Keep a flashlight available
•Make sure lights are easily accessible


•No throw rugs
•Make sure passageways are clear
•Wipe up spills right after they occur


•Use a raised toilet seat if necessary
•Place non-skid adhesive strips in the tub
•Consider handrails or shower chair in the tub


•Do not store items too high
•Keep the phone within reasonable reach
•Don’t smoke near oxygen concentrators or tanks!
•Electrical cords and loose throw rugs present trip hazards. Secure cords and wires with tape or cord covers, out of high traffic areas. Use rubber backed non-skid rugs. Keep floors clear of clutter.
•Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors save lives! Make sure you test the batteries in your alarms annually.
•Showers and bathtubs are slip and fall areas. Skid-proof the tub and make sure bath mats have non-slip backings. Install safety grab bars in shower areas.
•Staircases in the home should have sturdy railings and non-slip surfaces.