Our Services

Sleep Data provides the following services services: Home Sleep Testing, CPAP Therapy, Coaching and Supply Replenishment; as well as Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) and Combination Therapy. Our professional team is focused on enhancing your life by educating and assisting you through the process to assure successful treatment long-term.

Home Sleep Testing

If the prospect of sleeping in a lab makes you uncomfortable, you will be pleased to learn that Sleep Data testing takes place in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We will show you how to use the sleep-testing device and then all you have to do is “catch some Z’s.”

Home sleep testing is widely accepted and is a comfortable, more cost-effective alternative to using a sleep lab. Your accurate test results will be delivered in a timely fashion after being scored by a RPSGT (registered polysomnographic technologist) and interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician.

Home Sleep testing services are provided by Sleep Data Diagnostics, Inc.

CPAP Therapy

CPAP is the gold standard for sleep apnea therapy, and Sleep Data uses the highest quality machines, masks and air filters. The CPAP process involves delivering pressurized air through a mask; your upper airway is kept open due to the pressure, preventing airway obstruction.

Our respiratory therapists will do a lot more than merely provide you with your CPAP equipment. You will also be:

  • Walked through the process of how to be successful
  • Taught how to use and care for the machine, mask and other equipment
  • Personally fit with a mask

Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) & Combination Therapy

Oral Appliance Therapy is indicated for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the standard treatment therapy. Oral appliance therapy is recommended for those who want an alternative for their mild to moderate OSA or who cannot tolerate the CPAP.

An oral appliance is a dental device that fits onto the upper and lower teeth, advancing the jaw/tongue slightly forward to open the airway passage, enabling air to the lungs.

Combination therapy utilizes the oral appliance and CPAP together. The benefit to combination therapy is that the oral appliance opens the airway passage, allowing the CPAP pressure to be lowered to a more tolerable setting.

Oral appliance therapy is provided by Todd Morgan Dental Corporation.


Starting anything new can be a challenge. While CPAP will ultimately become a typical part of your evening routine, we know the initial weeks of using it can cause some anxiety. To provide support through this process, we will communicate with you on a regular basis to  help and/or assist your individual needs.

Our continued care team is also available anytime you have questions or issues with your equipment. You are never alone; Sleep Data is there to provide support when you need it.

Supply Replenishment

To ensure your therapy is successful, it is important to replace your CPAP mask, air filter and hose every three to six months. Even if you are not having any issues, such as leaks or tears, equipment should be replaced to eliminate the possibility of bacteria build-up.

There are two ways to receive your new equipment, when you are eligible to receive it as per your insurance company:

  • Easy ship—Receive a call from our automated system so you can place an order (for patients with HMO insurance)
  • Auto ship—Receive replacement supplies automatically (for patients with PPO insurance)


You will be happy to learn that we never charge for shipping and we will provide you with a schedule that reflects how often your insurance company pays for CPAP replacement supplies.  We anticipate you being a customer for life, so we work hard to ensure you consider us a valued partner that has your best interest in mind.

CPAP therapy, coaching and replenishment provided by Sleep Data Holdings, LLC.