Sleep Data has structured the referral process to make it simple and quick. There are three different types of referrals—home sleep testing, CPAP therapy or oral appliance therapy. Start simply with STEP 1 to screen your patients for obstructive sleep apnea risk. Continue to STEP 2 to refer patients who are at risk.

Step 1:

Give patients our eight-question screening test.


Step 2:

Fax a referral form to us.

Upon receipt of the referral form, we will schedule an appointment with your patient. If the referral is for home sleep testing, we will send you the results within 10 days of the test. If the referral is for CPAP or oral appliance therapy, we will keep you informed and continue to work with you regarding the patient’s progress throughout treatment.

Help improve your patients’ health and quality of life right now by referring those who may be suffering from sleep apnea to Sleep Data.